Youth Theatre

The Youth Theatre was founded in 1931 as the Puppet Theatre at the Sokol society in Novi Sad. The theatre was created from Sokol section of puppeteers, which was formed prior in 1930, with great support from elders of Sokol, Dr. Vladimir Belajčića etc. Ignjata Pavlasa.

 •  Puppet Theatre received it's hall in1936. after the  construction of the memorial - home "King Alexander I", a magnificent and modern building made by the project of renowned architect Djordje Tabakovic. The hall had 166 seats, and a new stage was built. 

• During World War II Theatre did not work and suffered extensive damage - puppets, scenery, costumes were destroyed or stolen. 

• The name "Vojvodina Puppet Theatre" started working immediately after the war. It was followed by a change of name to the "City Puppet Theatre", then "Puppet Theatre" till 1968. when Youth Theatre received its present name. • The Youth Theatre is the first puppet theatre in Serbia and Vojvodina.

 • Evening, later called Drama scene , begins to function in 1991. Since then, the Youth Theatre operates in two scenes: Scene for children and Drama scene, and performances are played in Great and the Small Hall.


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