Novi Sad Music Festival ( NOMUS )

23.04.2013. to 29.04.2013.

Novi Sad's Music Festival ( NOMUS ) is Anton Eberst idea since 1975. Very soon after the establishment,festival has grown into a central musical event in Novi Sad. However, the reorganization of cultural life in Novi Sad, new cultural workers considered NOMUS unnecessary event,therefore Novi Sad since 1981.- 1984.,remains without a permanent music festival. In those years there were only memories of good times with former Novi Sad's Music Festival . Late in 1985. The Music Youth of Novi Sad reunites young musicians, this time for new festival " Novi Sad Music fall," . Constant activities of Musical Youth , then re- organizing of the festival, especially with attractive content , but also a recognizable visual identity ,attracted the attention of the audience, which consider crowded hall and a large expansion of young artists - Stars, " provoked " the MONS in 1987 to return the original name of the festival - Novi Sad Music Festival - NOMUS .

Source Text:Wikipedia