Novi Sad music summer

25.07.2014. to 20.08.2014.

The event Novi Sad Music Summer makes a series of concerts that take place during July and August each year. Given that this is a summer concerts event, in addition to the aspiration focused on creating a quality program, it is complemented by programs and the desire to be of "more popular character".Thus, artists performing in this cycle cherish quality music, but not closely related to the classical music. Under the sponsorship of the City of Novi Sad, rich high-quality and diverse music contents will be performed mainly by artists from our country and from the former Yugoslav republics, but also from Hungary and Iran. Until the 20th of August, during birthday edition of the Novi Sad  musical summer, classical, but also ethnic, jazz, pop and tango music will be performed by famous artists, and various chamber music ensembles and large: Stefan Milenković and Marko Hatlak with the program of TANGO COMPAS, Amira Medunjanin, Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra,  Vlatko Stefanovski and Miroslav Tadić duo, Petar Grašo, Laiko Felix and Janos Balint duo, NOVA Philharmonic, the Novi Sad Big Band and Mohammad Reza Mortazavi.


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