Divša Monastery

Divša Monastery is located at Fruska Gora. The monastery’s church is dedicated to Saint Nicholas. According to tradition, the monastery was founded by despot Jovan Brankovic in the late fifteenth century.
The first reliable data, were found in Turkish documents from the second half of the sixteenth century. It has been deserted in the 17th century, while in the early 18th century it is mentioned as a possession of the monastery Kuvezdin. The old church was rebuilt in 1744 by Peter Jovanovic from Novi Sad.
The most extensive changes to the church building were made in 1764. by eremit Matthew. New narthex and bell tower on the west side of the church were built. The iconostasis was painted by Teodor Stefanov Gologlavac in 1754.
The monastery was badly damaged during The World War II, and the iconostasis was dismantled. The monastery was partially restored. Since 1980. the monastery has been inhabited again.