Grgeteg Monastery

It is believed that the monastery was built for Grgur Branković - a monk's name was German, at the initiative of his son Vuk Grgurević. Historians disagree and find that it is more legend than fact, and that there is no evidence to support these claims. There is no reliable facts, who built the monastery as well as the time of its construction. Even 1471 appears as the year of its foundation. Since Grgur Branković died in 1459, this story still remains a legend. Some sources suggest that the monastery was built before the fall of Srem in 1521. It is also assumed that the monastery was wealthy, since at the time of redemption from the Turks, their lawns, gardens and fields were redeemed for an amount of 6,000 akče. According to the quotes from 1702 by Abbot Boninus, the monastery owned 4 mills, 200 acres of fields and meadows, and at that time 25 monks resided in the monastery. An Austrian Charter from 1706 shows that the monastery had a total of ten mills. In the 18th century Grgeteg was a refuge center for monks from the monastery Slanci who have fled there to escape from the Turks bringing with them belongings, clothes and books, although when the danger was over, they went back to Slanci. At the time of the Turkish-Austrian war in 1683-99. monastery was burned in 1688 and then abandoned. Austrian Emperor Leopold gave it to Isaiah Đaković, who started the renewal of the monastery. Today's form, Grgeteg Monastery owes to Archimandrite Ilarion Ruvarac, the famous historian who fully carried out the restoration of the church and guest house in 1899. Solemnly consecration of the monastery was carried out on 10 June 1901. It was attended by Metropolitan George Branković, Antony Hadžić, poet Laza Kostić, Bačka Bishop Mitrofan (Šević, 1900-18), the Superior of all monasteries and many others. In the second World War, the monastery was severely damaged, and in 1953 was gradually restored. Conservation and restoration works were carried out in 1988. The Patron Saint feast day of the monastery Grgeteg the Transfer of the Relics of Holy Father Nikolai - 22 (9), May.