Kuveždin Monastery

The church of Kuveždin Monastery is dedicated to St Sava. It is believed that this monastery was built by despot Stefan Stiljanovic in 1520, dedicated to St Sava. This monastery played a very important role in spreading the cult of first Serbian educators, among whom were St Sava and St Simeon. The monastery was badly damaged during the 2nd World War.The monastery hes been restored partially, the church was reconstructed from the outside as well as one part of the residence and the drive-way was paved. Kuveždin Monastery is a male monastery.  The existing church was built in 1816, on the foundations of the old temple. The iconostasis for the church was completed by Pavle Simić in the mid-19th century. It’s located on the south-western slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain.