Novo (New) Hopovo Monastery

Novo (New) Hopovo monastery lies on the south side of Fruška Gora, near the village of Irig. This monastery was founded by Bishop Maksim (Đorđe Branković) between 1496 and 1502.
The monastery church, devoted to Saint Nicholas(some writings on the preserved stones behind the west door of the temple confirm that the church from 1576 is dedicated to saint Nikola. It's the oldest inscript in stone in Vojvodina) has two parts,a church with well-developed and complex interior disposition, and a large narthex on the western side, with simple interior on a rectangular base. The church is built on the cross-in-trefoil floor plan, with a dome in the centre.

The fresco paintings in the church do not belong to the same period. The Church itself was painted by Greek masters in 1608, and narthex in 1654. The older painting has exceptional value and testifies that post-Byzantine painting was still present, and here it was under the influence of the fresco paintings of the Mount Athos and Italian-Crete school
The iconostasis, is the work of Teodor Kracun and was mostly destroyed in the Second World War.Only 19 icons have been preserved.
Throughout it's history, Novo Hopovo monastery has been of great importance to the Serbian people. There was a monastic school here during the 16th century and between 1757 and 1760, one of Serbia's greatest Enlightenment figures, Dimitrije Obradović, stayed here and took his monastic vows, taking on the name of Dositej.
The greatest wealth of the monastery are the remains of Holy Teodor Tiron preserved in kivot, and the fresco of Teodor Tiron in monastery nave.