Privina glava Monastery

Monastery PRIVINA (Pribinova) GLAVA, dedicated to the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel, is located near the village of the same name, in the western part of Fruška gora, about five kilometers northeast of Šid. There are two legends about the origin of this monastery. According to one ,monastery is named after the founder, nobleman Privа (Priba), who founded  the monastery in the 12th century. According to the second, the monastery was founded by Despot Vuk Branković  in the 15th century, at a spot where  builders who received money for the construction of the monastery were murdered (chopped off their heads, hence the name of the monastery). Since it is assumed that the monastery was founded in 1496, the second legend is more to be truth. On the site of a medieval church, in 1741 a new church and decker quarters to the south and east. The temple has trikonhos basis with a dome on free columns were built. The narthex is a separate territorial unit, and on its western facade,  Baroque bell tower was added in the late 18th century. The painting of the iconostasis, the icons on the pillars in front of the altar and icons on the throne, and the murals in the church were performed by Kuzman in the period from 1786 to 1791.