Velika Remeta Monastery

The legend says that  the monastery was founded in the early 14th century by King Dragutin. Earliest reliable records date back to 1543, and the current shape of the monastery is from 1771. It has a seven-storey bell-tower, the tallest on the Fruska Gora, which was built from 1733 to 1735. Over the centuries, it has been damaged and rebuilt on several occasions.  The monastery is situated in the eastern part of Fruška gora. The church is built with stone and brick, with parcialy preserved wall paintings and outer facade As all other monasteries on Fruška gora, Velika Remeta was also destroyed in 1716. because of the Otoman revenge for lost battle at Petrovarad.Restoration of the monastery took place 4 years later. The last destruction and damaging, the monastery has survived during the Second World War, by the croatian armed forces called Ustasa.

The residential buildings surround the monastery and because of that it resembles as a sort of a fortification. The monastery is active.