Mala Remeta Monastery

 Mala Remeta Monastery, as other monasteries from Fruška gora, was first mentioned in records dating from 1546. A legend says that it was founded by King Dragutin Nemanjic. By the end of 17th century it was restored by the runaway monks from monastery Rača on Drina river, who were allowed to inhabit it by Arsenije Čarnojević. 
The monastery got its present look in the reconstruction started in 1739 which was carried out by monks from Rača Monastery. The Church of Mala Remeta Monastery was completed in 1739. It has a cross base and the semi circled apse.  Frescoes were painted in 1910 and iconostasis was made in the period 1757 - 1759. The Dormitory of Mala Remeta Monastery was destroyed in the Second World War to be rebult later. It is a active female monastery today.