Šišatovac Monastery

Monastery with a church dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin is located on the west side of Fruska Gora Mountain, was founded by Abbot Theophilus in 1520. Šišatovac. Present day Church was built in the period from the 1758 until the 1778. Monastery suffered destruction during the World War II. The Church of Šišatovac Monastery is a monumental structure with a three-nave shape and a facade divided with decorative parts that are bounded by pilasters and the belfty of baroque style. The windows are made in gothic style. Dormitories have been built after the fire in 1849 and they were also destroyed as the Church during the Second World War. The reconstruction of the complex began in 1970. Šišatovac Monastery was declared Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1990, and it is protected by Republic of Serbia. Šišatovac Monastery is a significant spiritual center of Serbia.