Bešenovo Monastery

 According to the tradition, the monastery dates back from 13th century, and was founded by Serbian king Dragutin. However, the most reliable written evidence on this monastery is the Turkish registration of Srem in 1546.  It was made of brick, but the date of building is not mentioned. The first reliable information about the chapel in the belltower, dedicated to St. Kerikos and Julita, is from 1783. It was reconstructed in 19th and 20th century, but the church of the Bešenovo Monastery kept its prior shape in the basis up to the Second World War when it was completely destroyed. Unfortunately, there is not much left of this big and important monastery today. During the 90s of 20th century, a small chapel was built of wood under old linden trees.  The monastery church was dedicated to the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Besenovo was devastated in World War II, and the remains were taken apart immediately after the war.    

     From the monastery church that was destroyed in a bombardment in 1944 only the perts of the Iconostasis painted by Stevan Aleksic in 1909, were preserved. The Monastery has not been renovated.