Krušedol Monastery

Krušedol Monastery was founded by despot Djordje Branković, whose monastic name was Maksim and his mother Angelina, wife of blind Stefan Branković. It is assumed that the construction lasted from 1509 to 1513. when it was partially completed with the help of donations. While  the monastery was under the continued construction , Metropolitan Maksim had a residency at Dormition monastery in Belgrade, occasionally visiting Krušedol to oversee the work. All that was flowing very slowly, so it took almost 50 years building the monastery. During withdrawal of the Turks from Srem 1716. monastic quarters were damaged, and the church was burned. Restoring lasted almost six decades in the 18th century. The iconostasis is composed of the icons of the four periods, the earliest ones have paintings of apostles with Christ, the Virgin and St. John the Baptist. During World War II the monastery was not demolished but was robbed and a large and valuable treasury was  taken away. In the monastery are the relics of many famous Serbs: despot Djordje Branković and his parents Angelina and blind Stefan Branković, Patriarch Arsenius III Čarnojevićwas buried here, Metropolitan Isaiah Ðaković, Patriarch Arsenije IV Jovanović Šakabenta, Count Đorđe Branković, Duke Stevan Šupljikac, princess Ljubica Obrenović and king Milan Obrenović. Monastery Krušedol is one of the most important monasteries by historical and cultural role, the richness of the Treasury, the famous iconostasis and frescoes, other relics.