Old Hopovo Monastery

Old Hopovo Monastery or as it is often called the Old Monastery, is  located 3 kilometers from New Hopovo. It was founded before the Turkish Conquests 1526. The Ottoman tax books mention it in the period between 1545-1548. The original church, built of wood was destroyed in an earthquake in 1751, and in the following year another church that exists today dedicated to Saint Panteleimon was built, while the old temple was dedicated to St. Nicholas. At that time the church had no icons, but was only whitewashed  and had no iconostasis. The church never had a bell tower. Much like in New Hopovo, the church's façade was divided by one wreath, and the upper part of the facade is decorated with blind arcades, and in the lower part  three windows and doors are open. There is only one apse (altar) to the east. The interior of the church is clearly divided up in the narthex, nave and altar. The one-nave church with a dome got a richly carved iconostasis, made from 1793 to 1800. by the painter from Irig, Ephraim Isajlović. The iconostasis was damaged and dismantled during World War II, and the icons were housed in one of Irig churches. Since 1955, all icons except the throne ones, are kept in the Provincial Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments, where they were preserved. During 1952  conservation and restoration interventions on the church building were carried out.